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Compliance Design, Building Services Consulting Engineers, Expertize: 

Excellence focused, efficient engineering consultants specialized in Building Services Design and Construction Monitoring of HVAC and Plumbing & Drainage Systems in projects of any size, providing full contract documentation for residential and commercial buildings.

Over 20 years experience in New Zealand & overseas.
Computer simulations for Thermal Loads, Energy Efficiency and CFD Modelling.

Sustainable Design solutions for Residential, Offices, High Rise, Airports, Shopping Malls, and  Educational Buildings, Apartments, Libraries, Warehouses, Workshops, tourism accommodation and entertainment (Motels, Hotels and Adventure Parks), Commercial Kitchens and Cafes.
Earthquake Rebuilds, Waste Management Systems, H1 Energy Efficiency and Due Diligence Reports, and Design Peer Reviews.

Connetics New Doha International Airport Rolleston College

Council approved Chartered Professional Engineers bringing to life your project vision with valuable knowledge for best financial results.
We offer our clients the option of using our design expertise in some or in all of our disciplines as an integrated approach for their convenience and for time and cost savings resulted from the understanding and handling of their project as a whole.

Skilled professional knowledge in Project Cost Minimization, constantly adding essential value by using verified, efficient engineering Cost Solutions and Management Procedures, expert delivery of Multiple Projects on time and within budgets, to Agreed Specifications, using profficient Contract and Project Management solutions at very competitive, low fees.
The Village Presbiterian Church Simulation Modelling Alice's Theatre
  • Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning, 
  • Industrial Air Exhaust, 
  • Pools Heating and Ventilation, 
  • Energy Efficiency Analysis (H1), 
  • Thermal Simulation Modelling, 
  • Environmental Sustainability Design (ESD), 
  • Acoustics, 
  • Automated Controls
  • Seismic Supports Engineering, 
  • Access Systems, 
  • Inertia Bases, 
  • Anti-vibration Mounts.
  • Plumbing and Drainage, 
  • Sanitary Waste, 
  • Trade Waste Drainage, 
  • Stormwater Drainage, 
  • Rainwater Harvesting,
  • Local Waste Management, 
  • Hot Water Generation Plantrooms, 
  • Cold and Hot Water Supply and Reticulation,
  • Combustible and Medical Gas Supply and Reticulation, 
  • Compressed Air Reticulation, 
  • Syphonic Drainage, 
  • Pumping Stations.
Eastfield Development KAFD Hotel 8 Nelson Street

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Compliance Design